20 Şubat 2018 Salı

2015 Salzburg & Vienna

This was the first international travel of mine. EUROCK 2015, which is held annually, had been organized in Salzburg-Austria in October of 2015. Salzburg was a fantastic and amazing city that should be visited by any traveller all-around the world. We spent three days in Salzburg and two days in Vienna. Along with the symposium, we had visited an old salt mine located in Berchtesgaden of Germany at the border of Salzbug. It was an etremely nice experience to visit an old mine which had maybe one of the largest underground lakes. Salzburg City is like a nice painting and It is frequently referred as "the stage of the world". I am going to add some information about Salzburg and Vienna for possible future visitors.



* Moving from a place to another is very simple in Salzburg. Even though, Salzburg is a small city, there is an vast amount of public transport which may take you everywhere you wish.

Where to visit:

* Hohensalzburg Fotress

* Mozart's Birthplace

* Mirabell Palace and also Gardens

* DomQuartier

* Old City

* Old salt mines (in Hallein or in Berchtesgaden)

* Berchtesgaden center

Where to eat:

* Stieglkeller

* L'Osteria

* Barenwirt

What to eat & drink:

* I suggest all dishes with bread dumplings, they are very delicious. Additionally, duck and chicken dishes are cooked extremley good in above restaurants.

* If you would like to eat pizza, I definitely suggest you to visit the L'Osteria. Maybe, it is one of the best pizza makers in the entire Europe, especially, the quattroformaggio is extremely delicious.

* I have tried almost all of the beer brands. Actually, it is very dependent on your taste, but the beer of Stiegl is my favorite.

So, this is my first visit and I had a limited time for looking around in Salzburg. Consequently, my suggestions are all for now. I will be adding new information about Salzburg and other cities in other pages.


This is the first time that I have visited Vienna. It was a small trip which takes two days. But in the future I will be visiting Vienna for three more time, almost every year. I will give some basic information and a few suggestions about Vienna. I could not make cultural visits, so only food suggestions are present for this visit. But all city is like a open-air museum, so looking around makes you feel like you are in a fine arts museum. We did not deprived to any additional cultural visit for this time.


* Transportation network is extremely developed. You only need ticket which moves you everywhere.

Where to visit:

 Naschmarkt: Every saturday, a flee market was set in the Naschmarket which is located near Karlsplatz metro station. It is one of the biggest flee markets of Europe that you can find very interesting goods in a wide range, do not limit your brain power. In other days, Naschmarket serves as a place where you can find cuisine of many countries from Döner (Turkey) to Oyster (France). Also, you can find numerous types of vegetables and fruits from every single part of the world. So, if you are a person who care about the stomach, you should definitely check the Naschmarkt out.

Where to eat:

* Figlmüller

* Demel

What to eat & drink:

* Vienna is well-known with its schnitzel. Anybody who visits Vienna or other Austiran cities will suggest you to try the schnitzel. You may taste very delicious schnitzels in many restaurants, but one of them definitely reaches to Zenith, Figlmüller. There are two Figlmüller restaurants in Vienna which are located very close to each other, one of them is old and the other one is newer. You cannot eat in the older restaurant without a reservation. So if you did not make a reservation, you should directly head towards the newer Figlmüller. Most probably, you will wait in a queue before sitting in a table for ten to twenty minutes. But, once you start to taste the first bite from your schnitzel, you will forget the bad memories of standing in front of the restaurant. Three types of schnitzel is present which are veal, pork and chicken. The original recipe of schnitzel includes the veal and I have preferred that and my wife tried the chicken one. They were all extremely delicious along with the nice Viennese beers.

* After you have your luch or dinner, you are looking for a nice place to eat some traditional deserts, Demel is a plausible option for you (note that this place is closed, as far as I remember, at 7 o'clock). The most well-known deserts of Vienna are applestrudel and Sacher torte. Most delicious applestrudel of Vienna is made in the Demel Cafe & Bakery. It was a good experience and I strictly recommend for desert lovers to try applestrudel in Demel along with a nice Viennese coffee (Note that the coffee had come to Vienna with the siege of Vienna of Ottoman Empire).

That is all for now, but I will continue to add my experiences and travel notes in future.